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Your Wealth,Your Future,Our Commitment!

Making your Investment grow is not easy, but having timely access to accurate market intelligence, a properly positioned and effective competent help can make a huge difference.

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Partner

We believe that no computer can understand your financial needs as good as our Dedicated Partners.

Face to Face Relationship

We don’t hide behind call centers. You can expect on-demand meetings and calls from our partners.

Online Investment Platform

You get an access to online Mutual Fund platform that allows you to buy, sell, additional purchase, switch etc.

Asset Allocation

We believe in order to create long term wealth one needs to follow asset allocation.


While SEBI regulates us so that the investors are protected in every possible way, we also make sure that our relationships go beyond what we are regulated to do.

Intelligent Investing

We help you select a few funds according to your risk appetite in different asset classes out of over 9000 funds from Indian Mutual Fund universe is a difficult task.



Years Experience


Happy Clients




AMC Partners

Risk Benefit


We have a physical presence in New Delhi.. However We have the expertise and competence to service clients in India and abroad. Our clients are based out of the different parts in India and abroad like USA, Canada Hong kong, U.K Germany, UAE.. We use technology to enable seamless client service for all our clients.

It’s always a good time to invest. Market cycles offer investment opportunities in different assets at different times. Ideally, the best time to invest in equity is when the markets are at their low points. But it is next to impossible to perfectly time the market and to capture the exact bottom. Instead it is always better to make smart investment in promising securities at attractive valuations. injected humour.variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum that.

We pick funds to invest into based on the prevailing market situation, your risk profile, financial goals and the time horizon for those goals. We follow a strict asset allocation theory and ensure safety of our clients investments along with generating returns. Our main objective as your wealth creation partners is to manage risk through diversified investments.